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Make your RICH with SMART Staking

Based on TRON's TRC20 protocol

TRC20 Smart Contract

Total Airdrop Reward 125 SMART

Airdrop Start in :

Exclusive Offer Only 5,000 SMART

( 3,700TRX / 1 SMART)

Min Buy 0.1 SMART & Max Buy 10 SMART

Sept 27th ,11:00am UTC Time ,Until Oct 10th 09:00 am ,2020

Special for the Exclusive offer, get a RICH TOKEN

Buy 1 SMART Get 10 RICH

T&C Apply

5% Referral bonus from your referral who bought SMART
from the Exclusive offer with your Reff link,
Bonus in the form of TRX.

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Our Project

We are creating a Governance System supported by Tron TRC20 protocol Smart Contract with combining 2 tokens into 1 system that supports each other as an Ecosystem in the token itself. In another word, we are creating something that has never existed before where one token help gains another token and is mutually sustainable in raising prices and needing each other and so on and so on.

We always embraced the decentralized system which is Transparent and Trust minimization. All the transaction in our governance system is contributing to both TRC 20 protocol development as with our Main Governance ecosystem.

It only means 1 thing. This project comes because of you (need), with all of you (community), and for you (common interest). Community is the asset we strongly support and our mission this project will be publicly owned and self-sustainable infrastructure for our community common interest.

The main impact of this loop ecosystem can only help maintain the community as well with Super bullish in market price and makes a very complete user-friendly ecosystem by providing mining power, future crypto banking, staking, lending, borrowing, liquidity pools, and many other platforms.


Smartway Finance is a smart gateway in DeFi governance to get another official token which can be used to mining Smart (Loop Mining System). With SMART, we create a continuous market by getting token after token that helps to mine with each other. It’s a never-ending circle (loop) to maintain price and public interest in the market.

Our Developer makes this innovative governance program called LOOP MINING SYSTEM complete with a backup system such as the official website, internal Justswap.org, and internal wallet and exchanger and full roadmap to create a sustain community as well.

A complete ecosystem makes stronger sustainability coin in the market. More and more rewards will be given just to make things interesting and upgrading

Main of Function


SMARTWAY Token can also function for Staking to get RICHWAY Tokens

Staking Information

You have Staked 10 SMARTs, then your Smart contract will display 1000 RICH Tokens which you can get in 1 year, the rewards are issued every second, whenever you can unstake.


Smartway Staking and Cloud mining are decentralized via the TRC20 Tron protocol smart contract and are supported by Justswap and several well-known exchangers. In the future, we also plan to create our own open-source wallet and exchanger complete with all the features the community needs.

Token Information


Smart Contract TRC20
Name of the Token SMARTWAY
Ticker of the token SMART
Maximum Supply 25,000
Decimal 18

Token Distribution


Airdrop 0.5%
Exclusive Offers 20%
Cloud Mining Reward 40%
Liquidity Pool 12%
Future Development 27.5%





  • Smart Contract Created
  • Platform Launched
  • Whitepaper Released
  • Airdrop
  • EO ( Exclusive Offer )


  • Liquidity Pool Created
  • Token Distributed
  • Airdrop Distributed
  • Staking & Cloud Mining Launched
  • Token listed to External Exchanger
  • Token listed to Coinmarketcap & Coingecko


  • DEX ( Decentralized Exchange ) Built
  • New Ecosystem Lending, Borrowing, Collateral Platform Built


  • Ecosystem, Lending, Borrowing, Collateral Platform Launched
  • Mobile Apps Android & ios Built


  • Mobile Apps Android & ios Launched
  • DEX ( Decentralized Exchange ) Launched
  • Smartway Protocol Built
  • And ETC

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

You have to connect your wallet (based on trc20 wallet) to our website, Click Join Airdrop

The number of airdrops you will get after the Airdrop schedule completed will be announced through the official website and social media.

Total Rewards 125 SMART / Number of Users = Number of Tokens you get.

You can withdraw 3 Days after the Exclusive Offer Distribution is over.

An exclusive offer is given exclusively to you for purchasing SMART with very low Price guaranteed before the token is listed on the free market.

3,700TRX / 1 SMART Token

The price is guaranteed much cheaper than when it released to the market

Connect the Tronlink / TokenPocket Wallet to our website, then Deposit your TRX to our website.

Min 0.1 SMART & Max 10SMART for 1 Wallet Address.

24 hours after the Exclusive Offer ends.

After the Exclusive offer is finished, you can sell and buy through JUSTSWAP.ORG and external exchangers who have collaborated with us.

You can benefit from an increase in price, because the number of SMART is only 25,000, and you also have the opportunity to do Smart Staking to get RICH tokens

For RICH TOKEN information, you can visit our website at richway.finance